Water Program

3.5M people have actively participated

6,500 wells + 1,000 water purification systems

Scope and Impact

Our water projects are more than a mere response to a vital human need. These projects enable villagers to realize that they have the power within themselves to solve the problems of their Community.

Since SOPAR-Bala Vikasa was founded, 3.5 million people like Sitha have actively participated in community-led water projects. To date, 6,500 wells and 1,000 water purification systems have been installed.

Our awareness sessions and activities motivate villagers to improve their health and hygiene conditions. Active participation fosters a sense of pride and belonging in each individual. In a growing number of villages, elected water committees (comprised of the villagers themselves) have evolved into permanent development committees that undertake and fund a series of essential activities chosen by the community.

How real people are making a real difference in our Water Program

The story of Laurence, a 17-year-old student from Quebec City

Laurence is a student who graduated from De Rochebelle High School. Through SOPAR-Bala Vikasa, she participated in multiple fundraising events to build wells in India.

“I believe everyone on our planet should have equal opportunities and equal rights. At my school, I am part of a group of students who brings awareness about developing countries, especially on water issues. Up to now, we have managed to raise money to build 40 wells. Last year, I had the privilege to go to India with SOPAR-Bala Vikasa and meet the villagers we helped. I was amazed to see the positive impacts of our work. I realized then, that I can make a real difference in the world.”

The story of Sitha, a beneficiary of SOPAR-Bala Vikasa’s women program in India

Sitha is a member of the Women Program. She is uneducated and a daily wage laborer. She invested time, energy and money so that a well could be built in her village.

“My children and I had to walk 4 km every day to reach the nearest well. A group of women and I approached SOPAR-Bala Vikasa to get a well built in our village. I encouraged my neighbors to attend the awareness sessions and to participate actively. With this project, I realized that I can be an active player in bettering the living conditions in my village.”

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Water Program

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