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Traveling to India is an unforgettable experience. Traveling to India with SOPAR-Bala Vikasa and visiting concrete development projects and programs is life changing!

These organized trips, which we usually offer once a year, will take you through some of India’s most remote rural villages and give you first hand experience on how an organization like SOPAR-Bala Vikasa, along with the help of individuals like you, makes a concrete difference in alleviating poverty in the lives of these poor rural communities. Experience all the beauty India has to offer while learning about our sustainable international development efforts.

If you would like to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will transform your life, contact us today!

“Throughout the trip, words could not express what I felt. As a group, we were immersed with the people, in small villages. We connected and celebrated with them. It would not be possible to live and see what we saw while traveling on our own. SOPAR-Bala Vikasa made me see the reality of rural life in India while giving me a lot of hope for the future. It’s so nice to see how people help each other, even when they are in financial distress. Beautiful life lessons for us who live in abundance without even appreciating it… It’s an eye-opening and life-changing journey. I am now -by default- a SOPAR-Bala Vikasa ambassador!”

Janie Payment

“My experience in India with SOPAR-Bala Vikasa was one of the most inspiring that I have had. I went through so many emotions. I was touched by the difficult living conditions of the people we met in the villages. But I was equally touched by the impact and hope that the organization brings to these people. It is amazing to see that it takes so little money to make such a big difference in the lives of entire villages. SOPAR-Bala Vikasa does an incredible job. I say well done to the whole team and thanks a million for this immense dose of inspiration.”

Yves Alary




You want to experience a new culture, go off the beaten track and see how people go about their daily life in rural India? We invite you to come and visit our programs in India!

We give participants the opportunity to see a reality of India which is not easily accessible in traditional tours. With us, you will visit small villages and meet and share with people we are working with in the State of Telangana. You will witness the everyday life of people in India, their reality and how, through our development programs, we are working to improve their lives.

By participating in our visit to India, you will:

  • learn about and meet people from different cultures
  • experience a reality of life in India that is not offered in traditional tours
  • learn about winning international development approaches
  • contribute towards development initiatives that greatly improve the lives of the communities visited


Our visits usually take place in January each year and are of total duration of 7 to 10 days in India.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in international development and who wishes to witness firsthand the impacts of SOPAR-Bala Vikasa’s development programs.

Groups are made up of a maximum of 10 people and are accompanied by a SOPAR-Bala Vikasa coordinator.



$150/day plus a minimum donation of $450 (the donation is tax deductible) to SOPAR-Bala Vikasa.

Does not include airfare, visa, vaccination, personal expenses

Contact us for more info or call us at 819-243-3616.

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