What We Do

SOPAR-Bala Vikasa’s development approach is simple. We help poor communities take control of their destinies by building on their existing assets. In other words, we empower them to take charge and get involved in every aspect of our development projects. Change comes from the people, for the people!

Our approach creates communities where everyone –women, men, widows, orphans, children– can leverage their own skills in order to create a better life, independent of skill level, caste or religion.

We change how people think

  • We believe that real change can only be achieved by the poor for the poor.
  • We help bring a change in attitude to the villagers by drawing on their own capacity to lead development projects.
  • We inspire villagers to shape their own future.
  • Our programs empower communities by creating elected committees within the village and by encouraging the villagers to contribute financially to the project.

We get them involved

  • We believe development activities must be brought into action by and for the people they benefit.
  • Our programs spark people’s desire to contribute their time, money and energy to improve their living conditions. By doing so, they feel a sense of pride and ownership which leads them to participate in other development projects in their communities.

We stay committed

  • We believe that real change takes time.
  • We consider each development project as a powerful stepping-stone to further encourage individuals and entire communities to improve themselves and their situation.
  • We continue to guide and support and phase out our role as the communities acquire the needed skills and drive.

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