Youth Changing the World School Program

Youth Changing the World (YCW) is a program aimed at getting students involved in making a real difference in the world. The program focuses on building water wells in India’s poorest rural communities so that women, children and entire communities can have easy access to water. The program allows teachers to easily get their students involved in awareness and fundraising activities by providing them with all the free tools and support they need to participate in this initiative.

See the students of De Rochebelle High School in Quebec City visit their water well project in India:

Looking to get your students involved in a project that will enable them to make a real difference in the world?


Since its inception in 1999, close to 750 schools across Canada have participated in this innovative program. That’s over 1,35 million dollars raised and close to 310,000 of India’s poorest women, children and communities that have gained access to clean drinking water thanks to the efforts of 72 000 young canadian students.

“SOPAR-Bala Vikasa’s Youth Changing the World school program allowed me to develop team spirit and leadership. It gave me confidence to overcome my shyness. I felt privileged to work with people for a magnificent cause. I now realize that we can have a positive influence on the lives of thousands of people who live far away from us and that giving back is the greatest gift in the world.”

-Anne Siobhan Rousseau- student (Quebec)

”The YCW Program is an incredible and concrete opportunity for our students to open up to our world and realize the strength of solidarity. My students were profoundly touched to see the photos of the water well built because of their efforts. They understood that their work had a real impact. I think they will become better citizens because of YCW.”

– Brenda Scarlett – teacher (Ontario).

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