Education Program

1,600 orphans in need have received care

Scope and Impact

We give orphans the opportunity to take their righteous place in the society.
Like Mahesh, 1,600 orphans have received care, love and support for their education.

We understand that children need more than just money to prosper. That is why we ensure that orphans receive the love, care and attention they deserve so much. Our women program members are the pillars of this program. They locate the orphans in their village, get to know them and offer them their love, support and financial contributions. With time, the “Bala Vikasa children” – as we call them – improve their self-esteem and benefit from an education that allows them to fulfill their dreams. Over the years, many of them have become SOPAR -Bala Vikasa donors, eager to pay it forward.

How real people are making a real difference in our Education Program

The story of Marie-Catherine and Richard, who are helping an orphan to go to school

Marie-Catherine Charlebois and Richard Rochefort have been SOPAR-Bala Vikasa supporters for many years. They volunteer for the organization whenever possible and spread the word amongst their families and friends.

“We are grandparents and we recognize that our grandchildren are extremely privileged to live in Canada and to be part of a stable and loving family. We often talk about this because it’s important for us to get them to realize how lucky they are. We teach them to think of others and to share what they have. As a family, we decided to help for the education of orphan children. We know that our actions won’t change the world overnight, but starting with kids in need made a lot of sense to us.”

The story of Mahesh, an orphan

Since he was young, Mahesh dreamt of studying up to university level. Both his parents died in a car accident when he was fifteen. With very little resources, he thought his dream would not come true until he learned about SOPAR‑Bala Vikasa.

“Losing both of my parents was very hard. With SOPAR-Bala Vikasa’s support, I got the opportunity to continue my studies. I finished with very good marks! Most importantly, I got the feeling that I am part of a big family. Program members, staff and the other orphans treat me as one of their own. I feel cared for and loved. My wish after finishing my studies was to work for SOPAR-Bala Vikasa. I went through an interview process and was selected to work for the Education Program. I am so happy to be able to give back to my community.”

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Education Program

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